To My Mother                

We found our love

on an unconditional beach

and watched the water

you arranged

rise and fall


And you wished that you could sing

I composed you a song

we painted on the sand

I brushed your pretty hair

afternoons were meant for shopping

all the seashells we could stand

We dreamed we were together

placing secrets in our hands


We would awaken to the sound

of our own bells

digging deep within our hearts

there were stories we could tell


Our beauty was confirmed

in the reflection in our eyes

beauty is the truth

and lack of truth is just a lie


Never ask what someone sees

who is not grounded in your soul

they are merely dying cameras

whose lenses have grown old


They say there is no end to love

no night

nor light of day

no life in what is said out loud

no debt that’s left to pay


We are the paint that

makes the painting

not the mind

and not the hand

we are the very stuff of life

together on the sand



                       Your loving daughter Toni



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